The Home Team Success Story

Karen Bartlett contacted the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) in February of 2011, requesting marketing assistance for
her Real Estate Business, The Home Team.

Karen Bartlett is an independent Realtor with Keller Williams Realty.  Karen works diligently to educate and assist first time home
buyers, specifically veterans on the home buying process.  Karen collaborates with various banks and government entities to
stabilize and sell REO properties back to home owners.  Karen has participated in many workshops and even conducted a
conference with the assistance of VBOC Business Consultants in August of 2011.

Karen, Veteran of the United States Army, pairs her entrepreneurial spirit with humanitarian efforts.  Karen will be completing a
cross country bike ride that will benefit two charities, KW Cares, a non-profit arm of Keller Williams Realty created to support Keller
Williams Realty associates and their immediate families with hardships suffered as a result of a sudden emergency, and
Operation Home Front, a veterans organization that provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of service
members and wounded warriors.

Karen’s dedication to supporting veterans, as well as her drive to become successful for both herself and other service providers
has certainly made an impression on VBOC staff and business consultants!  Karen was nominated for Woman Owned Business
of the Year for the U.S. Small Business Administration Sacramento District Office, which was formally awarded on May 24, 2012.  
VBOC is honored to have been a part of Karen’s journey and wishes her luck with her cross country bike ride!
Communications Technology Tech Success Story

Hank Albon contacted the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) requesting assistance with a new twist to his existing
business, Communication Technologies Tech.

Libra Communications has been privately owned and operated by Mr. Albon since 1983.  Mr. Albon’s impressive thirty years of
experience with installation and sales of communication hardware has not only allowed him to be a successful business owner,
however has also provided him with an opportunity to employ several others in the community.  Mr. Albon has also been extremely
generous with his time and knowledge, and has been instrumental in teaching others the skills of the communication trade.  Many
of his students have proceeded to cultivate their own businesses with the expertise they received through Mr. Albon.

Mr. Albon has recently decided to add a new and exciting component to his outstanding business.  Hank understands the difficulty
associated with reintegrating into society after leaving the military, and is combining his passion for the military with his passion for
excellence in helping others succeed by introducing the first school for returning veterans in the Communication Technologies
Field.  This school, Communications Technology Tech, will provide continuous job placement and re-certification assistance for
veteran students.

The school will include one-of-a-kind classroom instruction on the installation of state of the art communication hardware for
businesses, schools, and government buildings.  The program will offer lecture, hands-on experience, and appearances from
industry representatives eager to assist the future technicians.  In addition, all graduates will be provided on-going, lifetime job
placement assistance and continuous updates on developing technologies.

VBOC continues to work with Mr. Albon to obtain funding for this brilliant initiative.  Please feel free to contact Hank if you are
interested in funding or participating with his school!
                          Hank Albon— - 916-961-6258
Digital Blue Solutions, Inc. Success Story

Jim Carden contacted the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) in January of 2010, requesting start up assistance with his
business, Digital Blue Solutions, Inc.

Digital Blue Solutions is a highly specialized data recovery and digital investigations company built on solid principals of trust,
integrity, and responsibility. All Digital Blue employees and contractors are current, or former, federal, and or, local law enforcement
computer forensic specialists.

Mr. Carden’s interest in digital forensics sparked while he was working as a police officer and military reservist for the Air Force
Reserves.  Mr. Carden noticed a prevalent need for digital forensics during his police investigation for criminal matters.  He
observed the demand for both individuals and businesses, and found that most companies that could satisfy the demand were
tailored to Fortune 500  Companies, and were not affordable for small businesses or individuals.  Mr. Carden also noted that
skilled computer crime investigators were performing this task and working for modest wages. Through innovative processes he
connected the dots and formed his successful business, Digital Blue Solutions, Inc.

Mr. Carden has been successful in the creation of numerous jobs, as well as a vast increase in revenue which continues to rise.  
The Veterans Business Outreach Center was instrumental in providing sound advice that directly assisted him with the start up
process, and is eager to remain a viable asset for the inevitable expansion of Digital Blue Solutions!
                                               DIGITAL BLUE SOLUTIONS
Herbal Balance for Life, Inc. Success Story

Warren Levy first contacted the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) in June of 2009, requesting start-up assistance with
his initiative, Herbal Balance for Life, Inc.

Herbal Balance for Life, Inc. is a sales and marketing company that creates ideas and products for major retailers, drug chains,
specialty stores and organic and health food stores.  The mission of Herbal Balance for Life, Inc. is to be a leading supplier of
quality natural supplement products.  The company plans on capturing the general public, senior citizens and the youth of America  
fulfilling the fast paced needs of the American consumer through various forms of soft gel caps and tea powder, instant tasteless

Mr. Levy has worked diligently with VBOC Business Consultants and has become successful because of his hard work and
discipline learned in the USA army military plus experience running a sec public company.  Warren and his business partner have
increased their sales by over $100,000 since conception and has several good size orders in the pipeline.  He has also been able
to obtain a trademark for their products, and create many additional jobs.

VBOC continues to work with Mr. Levy with an emphasis on loan assistance to offset production and new inventory costs.  VBOC is
excited to continue to watch Herbal Balance for Life, Inc. save the world one not so healthy person at a time! The main emphasis of
H/B/F/L products are all natural supplements to repair and boost the immune system.
                                                   Call Toll Free: 877-693-5171
IECLT, Inc. Success Story

Mr. David Poorman, Owner, and Mr. Jan Cespedes, Chief Financial Officer, first contacted the Veterans Business Outreach Center
(VBOC) in July of 2010, requesting business plan and loan assistance with the start up of their landscape maintenance business,
IECLT. Inc, which is located in Canyon County, California.

IECLT, Inc. provides landscape maintenance services to residential, commercial, municipal, state and federal agencies.  Some of
their services include; tree trimming, tree planting, tree removal, weed abatement, pesticide management, hardscape
construction, irrigation installation, and water management services.  Mr. Poorman has utilized his management and discipline
skills obtained during his time in the U.S. Army to leverage IECLT, Inc. and not only meet but exceed customer satisfaction.  Mr.
Cespedas has also been an integral part of the company by ensuring the company provides best services and is financially sound.

Mr. Poorman and Mr. Cespedas have been successful in launching their business in December of 2010. The hard working Owner
and CFO have also been able to increase their revenue by $20k since the conception of IECLT, Inc.  Not only has business been
booming in the commercial and residential sectors, IECLT, Inc has also obtained their first Government Contract with the Veterans
Cemetery Community in the amount of $28k.

VBOC continues to work with Mr. Poorman and Mr. Cespedas with the marketing of their successful business, and wishes them
luck for their first year in business!
U.S. Freight Lines, LLC Success Story

Thomas Prouse contacted the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) in January of 2010, requesting loan assistance with
his start up initiative, U.S. Fright Lines, LLC.

U.S. Freight Lines, LLC is a highly flexible, customer oriented freight transportation service provider headquartered in San Diego,
California.  The mission of the Company is to develop a best in class freight transportation company which redefines freight
transportation, and exceeds customer expectations for quality and delivery.  U.S. Freight Lines, LLC is a less-than-truck load (LTL)
and full truck-load (FTL) transportation company for local and long-haul shipments.  President Thomas Prouse and Vice President
Shervic Prouse bring nearly fifteen years of logistics and business management experience to the company.  The company is
pending certification as a women and veteran owned minority business.

Thomas Prouse has worked closely with Veteran Business Outreach Center Business Consultants in order to obtain funding to
launch this exciting initiative.  With VBOC guidance, U.S. Freight Lines, LLC developed an outstanding business plan which
allowed the company to obtain a $150,000 loan to assist with equipment financing.  The company was able to start two-thirds of
operation on October 18, 2010 and full operations on October 15, 2010.

U.S. Freight Lines, LLC has also been successful with the opening of a terminal in Pelion South Carolina in addition to their
headquarters in San Diego, California.  The company has also been able to expand their personnel to four employees, while also
looking for additional part time employees in February 2011. The VBOC would like to commend U.S. Freight Lines, LLC with their
outstanding success, and will continue to work with the company on achieving additional achievements!
                                                  U.S. Freight Lines LLC
Murigenics, Inc. Success Story

Henry Lopez first contacted the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) in June of 2010, requesting marketing and expansion
assistance with his existing initiative, Murigenics, Inc.

Murigenics is a contract research organization, dedicated to providing scientific evaluation of next generation compounds to treat
common human disorders.  The company provides their clients with proven protocols that are widely accepted as standard in the
scientific and regulatory community.  Since the conception of Murigenics in February of 2001, Lopez has been able to expand from
a 1,000 square foot facility to a 15,000 square foot concrete and reinforced steel building on Mare Island, a retired Naval Base in
Vallejo, California.  Lopez has also been able to expand his personnel bas as the business and revenue continue to increase.

VBOC continues to work with Lopez with marketing techniques and procurement assistance as he desires to increase contracts
within the government.  VBOC is excited continue assisting Lopez with his innovative initiative!
                                                           MuriGenics Inc.
Sternbild Medical Success Story

Glenn Fant contacted the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) in June of 2010, requesting assistance with the start up and
marketing of his brand new business, Sternbild Medical.

Sternbild Medical was launched last August by two veterans, one Army and one Navy. The company is named after Glen’s first
ship, the USS Constellation. Constellation had already been used, so the veterans opted for the German word for constellation,
Sternbild (translates as “star picture”). They designed a six pointed star logo to represent the company.

Ryan Selby (former Captain, US Army) had been in medical sales for ten years and brought a huge store of experience and a
portfolio of clients, including manufacturers, to the business. Their initial accomplishments are the direct result of Mr. Selby’s
knowledge of operating a company. The veterans utilized the observed trend in medical equipment sales toward
dealer/distributers and away from a dedicated company sales force to develop a business model that combined a variety of non
competing manufacturers into one dealership. This model allows Sternbild Medical to present multiple manufacturers during a
single sales call, a big advantage.

Sternbild Medical is currently seeking sales with government purchasers. They have been diligently working with the Veterans
Business Outreach Center (VBOC) and the Federal Technology Center (FTC) to receive classroom training, business consulting
and referral service which have all contributed to getting established.  Sternbild Medical is a small business (SB) and is a Service
Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprise (SDVOB). Status as a California DVBE is pending.

VBOC would like to thank Sternbild Medical for sharing their success, and wishes them luck in obtaining government contracts!
                                        Sternbild Medical Corporation
Pacific Sealants Success Story

James Burgess of Pacific Sealants first contacted the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) in July of 2010 and was
seeking assistance with his existing initiative which was established in 1983.

James operates a veteran owned small business which provides Sealants in commercial, industrial and manufacturing
construction, including both new and historical sites.  Their area of expertise is high rise curtain walls, precast, stucco and other
major exterior components.

James has been successful of the retention of three employees and the creation of seven additional employees since the
conception of Pacific Sealants in 1983.  Over 50% of the team with Pacific Sealants are military veterans.

The company has also been able to increase their revenue from $250,000 annually to an impressive $3 million! Pacific Sealants
has completed several projects contracted from Government and Commercial Awards and is currently undergoing several
additional projects.  James and his team are an excellent example of how hard work and excellent service is a phenomenal way to
create more revenue for your small business.

The Veterans Business Outreach Center continues to work with James while he is currently seeking loan assistance to offset the
costs of his rapidly expanding initiative.

VBOC is excited to continue our business relationship and witness Pacific Sealants further successes!
                                                 Pacifice Sealants
TSM Enterprises Inc. DBA Eagle Plumbing and Rooter Success Story

Tim and Sue Martin of Eagle Plumbing and Rooter first contacted the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) in September of
2007 and were seeking assistance with writing a business plan and expansion of their existing initiative which was established
in 2006.

The Martins operate a service repair plumbing company which has branched out to do some remodeling and recently new
construction for both residential and commercial.

The Martins take special pride in being a diversified plumbing company and can handle most any job, from new construction to
toilet clogs.  They are growing more each day which is a blessing in the present state of the economy. They set goals and work
towards achieving them. Their next goal will be to have a company functioning while the Martins retire and receive income from the

Tim and Sue Martin have been successful of the retention of two employees and the creation of two additional employees.  They
have also been able to increase their revenue by 290%.  The Veterans Business Outreach Center would like to commend these
hard working business owners for their success during such difficult economic times.

The Martin’s continue to work with VBOC consultants for assistance in obtaining a loan to help support their expanding business.  
We look forward to continuing our relationship and witnessing their further successes!

                     ~ 916-645-2500
Freedom Fencing International Distributors LLC Success Story

Ralph Sarabia of Freedom Fencing International Distributors LLC contacted the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) in
April of 2010.  Ralph was originally seeking counsel with process improvement, advertising, and business plan assistance.

Ralph established Freedom Fencing International Distributors LLC on April 3, 2007 as a sole proprietorship.  Freedom Fencing
International Distributors LLC is a high quality Vinyl Fencing business operated in southern California, with two additional stores in
Bahamas Abaco and Nassau.  The mission is to provide fast, affordable and honest service to customers.   Ralph strongly
believes that his experience in the military has allowed him to provide structured and disciplined service as well as a competitive
edge to the market.

Freedom Fencing International Distributors LLC has been successful in the creation of several jobs as Ralph has hired additional
help to assist with multiple projects.  He has recently obtained an assignment that allowed him to increase his sales by $8,450.  
Ralph’s mission to provide excellent service proved fruitful as his excellent workmanship allowed him to secure an additional job
from a neighboring company.  Ralph has also recently been licensed as a distributor which has allowed him to go green and
assist companies in the Bahamas with green solar lighting, irrigation systems, and much more!

Ralph continues to work with VBOC for assistance with marketing and expansion.  VBOC looks forward to witnessing Ralph’s
further successes with his company!
BCV Construction Success Story

Bill Vaughn first contacted the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) in January of 2008 and was seeking financial
assistance with BCV Construction, a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) in Northridge, California.

Bill joined the Navy Reserves in September 2001 while attending California State University Los Angeles and was deployed in
Kuwait during his time in the service.  He was able to complete his Bachelors of Science from CSULA in December 2003.

Bill established BCV Construction in April of 2004, and was awarded his first contract with the Veterans Administration in August of
2008.  He has also been able to secure contracts with CSULA and other campuses around the State.  BCV Construction has been
able to successfully increase their revenue by more than 50% each year, and have loyal customers in both state and federal

BCV Construction has also started IRC Distribution to assist with income generation and lack of work during tough economic
times.  IRC sells materials for maintenance, repair and operations for state and federal agencies.  IRC has been helpful in
locating projects for the both companies to collaborate getting future work.  Both BCV Construction and IRC companies look
forward to continue working together for future projects.
 BCV Construction
ECOSSE Moto Works Success Story

Don Atchison first contacted the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) in August of 2006.  Don was originally seeking
assistance with financing for his existing business - ECOSSE Moto Works.

ECOSSE was established in October 2001 and has been successfully engineering and fabricating distinctive, heirloom-quality
motorcycles by hand in limited numbers for discerning enthusiasts.  The seven contractors with ECOSSE take their time building a
few units a year to ensure a concerted focus on design execution, quality, customer service, and brand management.  Since
conception, ECOSSE has built a coveted, worldwide brand that includes sales to celebrities, athletes and rock stars.

ECOSSE continues to expand with a lifestyle division to produce additional products that complement their motorcycles and
engage the founders’ ongoing personal interests.  VBOC is currently assisting Mr. Atchison with ECOSSE’s expansion and is
grateful to be able to witness the success of the company!                                                                                             
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